Apollo is the hyper-car reborn. Our purity of purpose means the driver is at the heart of the car, unimpeded by artifice. From the beginning, the Apollo team set out to build a car that is lightweight and aerodynamically efficient.

The IE is a superleggara that combines the aerodynamic efficiency and mechanical grip of a modern GT1/GT3/LMP race car with the classical thrill of a high-revving natural aspirated V12. This car has an organic granularity that other modern hyper-cars strive for, but have been unable to deliver.

We will always be a force in the restive advance of performance, and for us, this is reason enough.


Tracing our roots back to 2004, we are a group of pure car enthusiasts, some of us engineers, some artisans, designers and mechanics. We came together because of something that we share – the passion for automotive art, the longing for the connection between driver and car and the desire to provide a bespoke and emotional driving experience.

Over the last decades of automotive history, car manufacturers have gone to great lengths in applying technological advancements to improve both the performance and comfort of cars. However, somewhere along the way something was left behind.

All the automation that is meant to make the driver’s job “easier” has taken something fundamental away. Something that made up the roots that created the passion, drive and automotive culture and history that we have all learned to love. That pure, raw, emotional connection that binds driver and car.

Just like the Greek God Apollo, we see ourselves as a beacon of light in today’s market. We are here to take you on a ride that is filled with nostalgia and sensory overload without sacrificing performance or speed and still pushing forward with a modern, intensively striking design language that symbolizes the brand. We are here to fill that void separating car and driver. We are here to bring you home to be at one with the car.


Why do we want to challenge the status quo and take the path less travelled? Not only because we can, but because a desire burns within us to be relentless in the pursuit of perfection.

“I couldn’t find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself” – Ferdinand Porsche.

We felt the sentiment, that no one would ever produce a modern day GT1 again, so we embarked on this journey ourselves.

Our favorite automotive period was the GT1 era, the IE was created to pay homage to the days in the spirit of carrying the torch of purist automotive passion for the future generations. As a result, a new breed of hyper car was born out of our engineering and design precision.It is a car that balances form and function. It is a precise engineered piece of art.

Visit our Apollo Automobil website to get a more in-depth look at our Apollo brand and the Apollo IE.