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APOLLO FUTURE MOBILITY GROUP Unveils Latest Mobility Innovations on Opening Day of CIIE

(5 Nov 2020, Hong Kong) Apollo Future Mobility Group Limited (“AFMG”, the ‘‘Company’’; SEHK stock code: 860.HK; and together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the opening day of the 3rd China International Import Expo (“CIIE”), being held from 5th Nov to 10th Nov 2020 in Shanghai. Today marks the Company’s global launch as a technology provider in future mobility where it showcased the Group’s proprietary innovations among some 3,000 exhibitors from over 100 countries and regions.

Complete Mobility Journey

This year, CIIE features a 30,000 square-meter automobile exhibition hall, with over 30 new technologies and models making their global and regional debuts. AFMG is presenting to visitors the vision of the ultimate sustainable future of mobility by providing cleaner, safer, smarter mobility options and technologies to build ecosystems that will connect people, goods and services.

When visitors arrive at the booth they are immediately greeted by the Apollo IE Golden Dragon. They are then taken to the Dream Zone where they embark on the journey to future mobility with AFMG. Visitors have the opportunity to fully experience how an idea is turned into a concept and finally into a product. The AFMG booth showcases all of its core competencies in the Design, Engineering and Production Zones.


AFMG Booth Highlights

Apollo Intensa Emozione Golden Dragon

The Apollo IE was born out of the relentless pursuit of perfection. Every Apollo vehicle is handmade and engineered to perfect precision. But the Apollo IE also features the first all-carbon fiber production chassis of its kind, from the monocoque to subframes and crash structures.

Key features of the chassis are its modular design, increased safety, increased torsional rigidity, symmetrical design and weight reduction. The Apollo IE also incorporates advanced composite materials and 3D printed parts in its production.

This is the first appearance of any Apollo IE in mainland China and we find it perfectly fitting to bring the Golden Dragon home.


Urban Delivery Vehicle

AFMG unveils its Urban Delivery Vehicle (UDV) for the first time at today’s CIIE. The Urban Delivery Vehicle is designed to be a cost and time effective tool to fulfill the last mile in the supply chain. This fully functional proof of concept electric vehicle was developed to accelerate customer acceptance and downstream prototype / series development processes.

The UDV is a L7e-CU vehicle (EU regulation) that can be open to numerous use-cases depending on the customer’s individual requirements. Key features of the UDV include its Trolley Battery System that allows a Quick-Change-Charging scenario that keeps the vehicle on the road without any delivery downtime; modular cargo units that can be used as closed box or open pick-up; and keyless access that is ideal for fleet and sharing usage.

To achieve low cost manufacturing, the UDV can be shipped in knock-down kits that will be assembled in local micro factories in markets such as Southeast Asia and MENA where it will also create job opportunities in the mobility industry. The start of production of the UDV is expected to be in 2022.


Electric Mobility Scooter  

The Electric Mobility Scooter (EMS) is a mobility concept very recently released by GLM Co., Ltd. (“GLM”), a subsidiary of AFMG. GLM set out to address the social challenge of the freedom of movement facing the ever growing aging population. It wanted to support seniors going through the transition from car to an EMS to continue to stay active, independent and outgoing.

The EMS focuses heavily on design and to stimulate the desire to ride a mobility scooter. It gives consumers a design led product that shows a fun and fresh approach to mobility. The EMS features 2 DC24V 200W motors (for left and right independent drive) and a 24V 60Ah battery at a mere 85 kg. The Electric Mobility Scooter is undergoing further development with a view to commercialization by the end of 2022.


SiC Dual Inverter 800V System

Our 800V SiC dual inverter is co-developed with ROHM Co., Ltd., the largest semiconductor and electronics component manufacturer in Japan. The AFMG dual inverter, when combined with solid state battery (SSB) battery management system (BMS) and advance charging infrastructure, allows for greater thermal management in a smaller and safer package resulting in reduced charging times. The prototype inverter achieved 80% charge in 12 minutes and we aim to further lower this to 6 minutes by end of 2021. AFMG is committed to apply this technology to different platforms and vehicles, offering the world easier transport, greater environmental impact and higher energy efficiency.


Autonomous Development Chassis

Applying the in-house proprietary chassis technology developed by GLM for the Tommy Kaira ZZ, the autonomous development chassis provides a low cost, easily customizable platform for autonomous driving software developers. The autonomous development chassis features electrical power steering, e-brake system, high power EV motor and 4 LIDAR sensors that can be customized with any autonomous software or algorithm based on customer needs.


Mr. Ho King Fung Eric, Chairman of Apollo Future Mobility Group, comments, “AFMG is at the forefront of future mobility. We have demonstrated to the world here today that we are constantly identifying and developing new technologies from across the world that can significantly alter the transportation industry. Not only are we able to deliver mobility products and engineering services, we are also developing proprietary technologies and solutions tailored around artificial intelligence, intelligent infrastructure, applied materials, safety and state-of-the-art modular platform technology. We are honoured to have business elites, officials from the Bureau of International Cooperation under the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and distinguished guests from local governments and ShanghaiTech University visit our booth today and we welcome all to visit us in the coming days.”


AFMG Booth No.: Automobile zone 1.2C1-001


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