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AFMG Announces Successful Co-Development of Disruptive New Generation 800V SiC Dual Inverter with ROHM

Significantly Reduces Charging Time of EVs


(13 May 2020, Hong Kong) Apollo Future Mobility Group Limited (“AFMG”, the ‘‘Company’’ ; SEHK stock code: 860.HK; and together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) is pleased to announce that following the recent completion of its rebranding, the Group’s new business direction has already yielded positive results.  AFMG subsidiary GLM Co., Ltd (“GLM”), has successfully co-developed a new generation of 800V silicon carbide (“SiC”) dual inverter with ROHM Co., Ltd. (“ROHM”), a well-known Japanese semiconductor and electronic component manufacturer. This is the first important milestone following the joint announcement made by the two parties on 18 February, 2020 regarding the cooperation.

AFMG focuses on mobility technology innovation and has recently made new progress. As compared to the current commonly seen 400V insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) inverter, the new generation of 800V SiC dual inverter, coupled with solid state battery (SSB) battery management system (BMS) can greatly reduce the thermal output, weight and size of the inverter as well as the charging time required. It also allows us to use dual inverter technology to enable independent energy output for each tire, so that the controlling performance is greatly improved with stronger grip.

According to preliminary research data, we can achieve 70% reduction in charging time compared to electric vehicles (“EV”) on the market which normally takes 40 minutes – by reaching 80% charge in 12 minutes. The Group targets to further shorten the charging time to 5 minutes by the end of 2021. Prototype production is expected to complete in June this year while testing in drivable electric prototype cars will commence at the end of 2020. Mass production is expected to begin in spring 2022.

The Group is considering cooperation with motor manufacturers to market the new 800V SiC dual inverter, jointly developed by the Group and ROHM, coupled with the BMS with SSB, as well as the motor manufacturers’ own motors, as a complete package, to international mobility brands. The Group is exploring a licensing model to further expand the source of revenue and to better focus on research & development and innovation.

Mr. Ho King Fung Eric, Chairman of Apollo Future Mobility Group, comments, “Inverters and batteries have been the bottleneck of R&D in EVs. The achievement of the new inverter is all attributable to the unrelenting efforts of our R&D team who always strives for technological breakthrough in future mobility. The Group plans to apply this revolutionary technology into the new EVs of GLM and believes that it can be further expanded into other EV systems in the future, creating a better all-round experience for users by reducing the charging time required.”


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